Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bucks Chasing Does - Nov 7th


The weather in Ingham County was perfect for hunting this morning.

I had the opportunity to hunt at a friends property south of Mason and the activity started right after light.  The sounds of deer moving in and out of the brush on the edge of cover kept the excitement level high from the start.

I had a number of does move through the area and had one buck chasing them all over.  He is clearly not the main buck in this herd, but since the more dominate buck was not present... he was making the best of his time.

The stand I was in was perfectly placed by my friend earlier in the week, just inside a wooded area with a tall grass opening to the south.  The stand was near a crossing point for a number of trails and as it worked out nearly every deer that passed was within 10 yards of the stand as they went by in different directions.

Overall a great hunt, I wish I could have stayed out all day... Heading in to work.

If you have the chance to get out and hunt today, the deer are moving... Good Luck!

NOTE the angle of deer passing, always presented a good quartering away shot on my preferred shooting side.  Great Stand Placement Steve!  Thanks for a fun Hunt.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Nov 5, 2012 - Dansville State Game Area

The hunting report for Monday November 5, 2012 @ the Dansville State Game Area.

It was by far the best morning weather of bow season.  Yes it was cold, but it was also calm and the animals were moving.  Lots of deer movement all morning long.

No shot opportunities, but animals were active and all major trail systems had movement on them.  If you are not sure where to hunt... find a couple good trails and wait.

The highlight of the morning was all the crashing around in the swamp... waiting as 2 does came zooming out and across the field... more waiting and then the buck came to the edge but out of shooting range and then wandered back in the other direction.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Nov. 4th Hunting Report

November 4th Hunting Report
Dansville State Game Area

We hunted a small corn field on the East side of the game area.
It was almost a perfect night to hunt, very quiet and calm.

The deer have been eating and traveling in and out of the corn back to swamp areas for cover.  This year the water level is so very low that most of the wetland areas are completely dry and can be used for bedding in the high grass.

We did not have any deer feed in the field tonight but we will keep watching the area and preparing for a chance to get my son Nick a chance at his first deer with his bow.